Applying for a business name

There are two main ways to register a business name:

  1. Reserve a business name and then apply for the name at a later stage, or
  2. Applying directly for the name.

It is quicker and cheaper for you to apply directly for the business name.

Reserving a business name

You are able to put a business name on hold for six months ahead of applying to register the business name. After this time, you must either give up the name or reserve the name again. However, you should not that you may only reserve a proposed business name twice over a five year period.

Reservation is easily done online.

The fee for reserving a business name is VT 5,000. Please note that if you go on to register the business name an additional fee of VT 10-12,000 will be payable.

Registering a business name

Registering a business name is simple and can be done easily online.

The fee for registering a business name is VT 10,000 if done online and VT 12,000 using the paper form or via email.

If you are unsuccessful in registering a business name there is no fee if done online and VT 2,000 if you used the paper form or email.