Learn about authority


In order to have a secure business registry, only certain people with have authority to register and change details of a company, business name or charitable associations.  This is to ensure general members of the public cannot change details on the registry.  This section explains what authority is.

You need to have authority over your entity on this website if you want to maintain company information on the register. If nobody has authority, then your company will be out of date and you may be required to pay late fees, or your company may be removed from the register.

Who can have authority?

Authority can be granted to directors of the company, owners of a business name and committee members of charitable associations, and also certain agents such as accountants and lawyers (and if relevant, company secretaries).

How do I get authority?

Anyone wanting to file online must first Register as a User on the registry through the home page box entitled “Register as a User”, completing all relevant details.

For new companies, business names and charitable associations filed online, the online applicant is automatically granted authority. For existing entities you will need to obtain authority from the Registrar. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Logon using your registry client Username and Password
  2. Search for the entity over which you wish to gain authority. Under its name you will see a link to request authority over that entity. Click on that link.
  3. Complete the details requested on the next page. If you are a director, you may need to upload your identification. If you are an agent, you will need to upload a letter of authorisation from the company confirming you are authorised to act as their agent.
  4. Submit your request to the Registrar by clicking on “Submit.”
  5. If your request is approved you will receive an email informing you of this, then you can maintain the entity online.
  6. If the Registrar has additional questions you will be contacted. This could include asking further questions about your identity or your relationship with the entity.

Who can give or take away authority?

There are two different types of authority – one that applies to directors, owners and committee members, and another for agents.  Directors/owners/committee members have full authority of an entity and can grant or revoke authority of agents.  Agents cannot revoke authority of a director.

How do I revoke my own authority?

If you no longer need access to your entity details, then you can revoke your own authority online. If you are a director/owner/committee member you can also revoke other peoples’ authority.