General Company Service Providers

List of Licensed General Company Service Providers that provide all company services listed under Section 3 of the Company and Trust Services Provider Act.

Bridge International Agency Co. Ltd (RID No. 83)
Home Center Building
P.O Box 995
Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Castle Nominees Limited (RID No. 32)
3rd Floor Ex Bank of Hawaii Building
P.O Box 1444
Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Conway & Co (RID No. 27)
1st Floor, Anchor House Kumul Highway, P.O Box 183, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: +678 22191  |  Fax: +678 23774

Global Compliance & Regulation Consulting
Rue Kent,Independence Park,Port Vila,Vanuatu

Geoffrey Gee & Partners (RID No. 06)
2nd Floor, Rafea House P.O Box 782, Lini Highway, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: +678 22067  |  Fax: +678 23710
Barristers & Solicitors

Grand Isle Holdings Limited (RID No. 43)
Pacific Advisory Vanuatu, 1st Floor Loft Complex, P.O. Box 2051,
1st Floor Loft Complex
P.O. Box 2051
Port Vila, Vanuatu

iCOUNT Limited (RID No. 88
PKF House
Kumul Highway
P.O. Box 519
Port Vila, Vanuatu

Julie Hawkes Consulting Limited (RID No. 86)
First Bank Building
Rue Emile Mercet
Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Kokona & Co., (RID No. 09)
Carnot Street
P.O. Box 1027
Port Vila

Law Partners (RID No. 09)
P.O Box 212, Law Partners House, 2nd Floor, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: +678 22091  |  Fax: +678 23665

Moores Rowland Vanuatu (RID No. 21)
2nd Floor Transpacific Huas, P.O Box 257, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone:  +678 22291
Fax: +678 23836

Paul De Montgolfier et Associes Limited
1st Floor Govant Building, PO Box 1276
Phone: +678 24404 |  Fax: +678 23692

Ridgway Blake Lawyers (RID No. 07)
C/- Ridgway Blake Lawyers P O Box 1272, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: +678 27222  |  Fax: +678 27223

Risk Management International Consulting Limited (RID No. 16)
Ellouk Drive
Box 137
Port Vila, Vanuatu

Thornburgh Lawyers Limited
2nd Floor Transpacific Haus, PO Box 1495
Phone: +678 24100 / +678 24101

VRS (Vanuatu) Limited (RID No. 17)
First Floor Orchid House, Lini Highway
P.O. Box 79
Port-Vila, Vanuatu