How to search

What does it cost?

All online searches are FREE and you don’t need to log on (or even be a registered user) to search the register, though we do recommend that you log on before starting your search if you intend to update the register.

How do you get a certificate of incorporation or registration?

When you search the register for a company, business name or charitable association, you can see and even download or email a copy of the certificate of incorporation/registration for free.

The quick steps:

  • Begin by searching for the relevant entity (eg in registry services, choose “Companies” and then ” Register Search” and enter the name of the entity) and clicking on the search section
  • Click on the link to the relevant entity and  select the Certificate of incorporation/registration option (near the top of the screen).
  • You can print or email a copy of the certificate of incorporation and it’s all FREE.

Searching for a company, business name or charitable association

Using the search the register option you can find details of companies – both Vanuatu companies and overseas companies registered in Vanuatu, as well as business names and charitable associations.

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Understanding your search results

To further understand your search results, see below.

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Searching for a director, shareholder, owner or committee member

Using the Register Role Search tool you can determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director or shareholder of a company, owner of a business name or committee member of a charitable association.

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Does the business have loans or borrowings secured by its assets?

This section explains how to check if the company or person you are searching for has any borrowings and has promised some of its assets as collateral for the loan. It also explains how to check if a director or shareholder has also promised some of their assets under a loan.

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