How to Register as an Online User

This is a quick and easy process to complete.

1. On the top right hand corner of the website, click on ‘Logon’ and then select the ‘New User’ link.

CropperCapture[5] CropperCapture[2]


2. Click on ‘I do not have an Activation Code’ and then ‘Register New User’.

CropperCapture[3] CropperCapture[4]

3. Simply fill in your details to register as a user including your user name and password

4. Click on ‘Create’  CropperCapture[1]


An email confirming your registration details will be sent to you.

There are two types of user accounts that you can create:

  • Individual: this is for someone who will be filing documents on their own behalf, such as directors of a company, owners of a business name, committee members of charitable associations etc.
  • Organization: this is for firms that have a number of people filing documents for multiple business entities e.g. Accounting or law firms etc. Click here for more information on steps to create an organization user account.
  • Note: Do not register more than one user account for  Individual or Organization.